Like so many residents in the area, the Ice Age Trail Alliance is proud to call Cross Plains home. Since moving here in 2009 the Alliance has worked to create new opportunities for outdoor recreation on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, both throughout the state and right here in Cross Plains. These initiatives include implementing multiple trail building events through the Alliance’s Mobile Skills Crew (MSC) program. Featuring trained volunteers from across the Upper Midwest, MSC has helped build local gems such as the Cross Plains and Table Bluff segments. Undoubtedly, these segments feature some of the best driftless hiking on the Ice Age Trail. However, the Trail is more than just the 24” of tread hikers use. The Alliance also focuses on the broader landscape, taking part in land restoration projects with a focus on removing invasive species and reestablishing native habitats. A short walk on either one of the local segments will showcase this work as the route courses through prairies, oak savannah and woodlands. Creating and protecting the Ice Age Trail are two parts of the equation. The other involves engaging the community to support the Trail and Alliance for years to come. To meet this need the Alliance has worked with Park Elementary teachers to implement a Saunters program through which every fourth grader in the school enjoys up to five outings each school year. Their events involve learning about the glacial landscape of Wisconsin through multiple hikes as well as service learning events. During the latter, the Park Elementary teachers and students help remove invasive species, build new segments and maintain the Trail. Finally, the Alliance is honored to call Cross Plains one of its Ice Age Trail Communities.  This designation serves as a medium for connecting all aspects of the local community to Ice Age Trail initiatives. It also helps guide Ice Age Trail users to Cross Plains for days of outdoor enjoyment. Naturally, these visits are good for the local economy and help showcase the beauty found through the Cross Plains area.

The Ice Age Trail Alliance and Ice Age Trail are integral parts of all aspects of the community. As a medium for personal, economic and social well-being, the Trail will long be a positive force in Cross Plains. Please stop by the headquarters to learn more about the Alliance’s work and how you can become part of the team.

Luke Kloberdanz
Director of Outreach & Education
Ice Age Trail Alliance

Trail App (New April 2016)


Mammoth Tracks is the official app for the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, built through a collaboration of the IATA and the creators of Guthook’s Guides hiking guide apps.

The Mammoth Tracks app is a GPS- and map-based guide for your Ice Age Trail hiking experience.  Whether you’re backpacking, or in search of IATA’s Cold Caches, this app will help you plan your trip and check your location on the trail.  No mobile or internet service is required to use it after the initial setup.

GPS-enabled map of the Ice Age Trail with waypoints
Offline topo maps and satellite imagery
Hundreds of waypoints along or near the trail, including all of IATA’s Cold Caches.
GPS-enabled elevation profile with waypoints
GPS-enabled data book listing of all waypoints

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