What is a Chamber Buck?
A Chamber Buck is a gift certificate, created by the Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce to encourage local shopping which, in turn, strengthens our economy and supports business growth. 

Where Can I Use Chamber Bucks?
Chamber Bucks can be redeemed at most Chamber member businesses. You can use them at local restaurants, auto part stores, and service centers, retail stores, local chiropractic offices, and more!

Why Should I Buy Chamber Bucks?
Unlike traditional gift certificates, Chamber Bucks can be redeemed at over 60 local businesses, for whatever the recipient of this great gift desires.

Where Do I Get Chamber Bucks?
Chamber Bucks can be purchased from Executive Director Amy Hansen and are available at State Bank of Cross Plains.

Chamber bucks work similar to ordinary checks. Businesses just deposit them as they would personal checks and they are paid by the CPACC Bucks account.

"Promoting a strong economy and high quality of life for our Chamber members and the Cross Plains area communities."

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