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BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT UPDATE - October 2016           
              The Business Development Committee was re-formed this year to pick back up where the last committee left-off.  The mission is, as it was, to promote new business to chamber area and assist existing businesses in their growth.  So far we have been very active in doing so.  Here is what we have accomplished thus far this year:

The committee applied and has been accepted to be a part of the WEDC's Connect Communities Program.  This program has given us valuable resources in working with 50+ other communities to grow our downtown. We can reach out, learn, and collaborate with these other communities in our common goal for economic prosperity.  Check out the website.

In collaboration with the Village, the Chamber has just been approved to conduct a Market Analysis of Cross Plains.  The BDC will be heading up the work on this project.  The Analysis will be through UW-Extension, and include quantitative market research, a case study with other similar communities, retail opportunities, but most important will be the surveys.  The surveys will go out to residents, business owners, and shoppers. We wanted to emphasis this part of the analysis because we believe the key to the Village's prosperity is its' members. This will be a great time to learn what our residents want and what types of business will best fit the community's needs. The Business Development Committee looks forward to working with all community members throughout this process!
Thank you,
Casey Koenig
Vice President of CP Area Chamber
Cross Plains Community Bank